The increasing variety of products alongside shorter product life cycles, high dynamics that come with the use of new technologies, developing new markets, adjustment of structures and entry of new firms from other industries intensify competition. At the same time, in recent years the planning and control of all communication activities of a company has seen considerable change by the dynamic development of the media, an increasing number of communication tools and the rise of social networks. Stakeholders can discover more about a company than ever before. The more important it is to plan and manage communication efficiently.  


Open and transparent communication – i.e. the communication of objectives and main topics of the company – ensures the proper understanding of company policies internally and externally. A successful combination of multiple communication channels may even increase the communication impact. If companies succeed to communicate effectively, internal decisions can be made faster. This is an additional benefit, which leads to the effect that companies can operate more flexibly and faster to market.


Christine Och supports your communication activities deriving from your organization’s strategy. This results in a better understanding and confidence of your selected target groups while succeeding the overall objectives of corporate communications. All activities are concerted strategically and follow an integrated approach. Christine Och convinces with clear, understandable messages and ensures a consistent and coherent appearance inwards and outwards.


Attract attention. Boost interest.
Give a guidance.

Only a small part of a company the tip of the iceberg is usually perceived. The bigger part is invisible. Corporate Communications create transparency.


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