I, Christine Och (Master of Science, MSc), am self-employed and support organizations in the fields of communication and marketing since 2013. I have more than 14 years experience in medium-sized family-owned and publicly traded companies. My support in various types of projects, like restructuring programs, change of ownership, foundation of new branches of business, company’s rebranding, product launches and establishment of international divisions in Australia, China and India have enabled me, to build a broad range of knowledge. This asset is of particular benefit in my communication role as it allows me to adapt the business language more easily to the different kind of stakeholders in order to establish understanding and credibility.


I have completed a successful master's program in Communications. My Master Thesis deals with the question of the role of the CEO within the brand communication of B-to-B companies in the automotive industry. In addition, I am a certified foreign language correspondent.

From my point of view ethical and moral values – credibility, trust, integrity, authenticity, honesty, behavior and speeches that match the corporate values – form the basis of successful communication. I understand  communication and PR as a long-term and serious task. I take on responsibility and see myself as a pioneer, who always has the company and its strategic direction in mind.

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