Social Media have caused rapid changes in communications. Social Media differ significantly from traditional communication tools as they are characterized by the interactive exchange of information, opinions, impressions and experiences between the company and its stakeholders or stakeholders themselves. Today, the social interaction of internet users influences the success or failure of brands and products.







Company’s seeing the social media communication as part of the value chain and integrate Social Media into their communication activities can discover a diversity of opportunities to strengthen the positioning of companies, brands and products. Information can be published quickly in many different ways, like text, image, audio or video content. Companies enter into direct dialogue with their stakeholders. Companies talk to the stakeholders and discover what is being communicated in the social media about them





Companies benefit from an intelligent combination of classical communication channels with the appropriate online channels. It is always important to distribute content with high quality messages to the selected target groups. Christine Och will be pleased to support you to select suitable social media tools for your business and integrate them into your communication activities to achieve your overall communication objectives.




Maintain relationship. Promote transparency.
Enter into dialogue.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so forth spread quickly in all directions. Social media is characterized by the interactive exchange of information, opinions, impressions and experiences.


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